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What couldn’t be cooler than these two anime fans? How about tattoos… anime related tattoos.

Tip of the hat to anyone who can read the inscription. This Dragon Ball Z couple certainly took the show even though they weren’t in the masquerade. I enjoyed Anime Shogatsu at the old Michener Institute of Education.  The very place where Anime North first started but it felt crowded by midday.  Not exactly setup for conventions, it is an ideal starting point for a small con. Happy Japanese New Years folks.

It was an awesome day for Free Comic Book Day. Sunny, no rain like last year. Even a costume contest at the Central Library. Even still, everybody loves a chocobo. =)

Check out the gallery here or on facebook.

MTAC by the numbers

Sigh. The show is over. Here is some numbers..

    416 photos and videos
    185 photos actually ended up on the site and facebook
    54 photos tagged so far
    75 what it cost me to take Greyhound to the con and return
    408 AnimeLondon cards handed out. (good thing I made more)
    944 megs of photos and videos

… and many other numbers I may never know.

March Toronto Anime Con 2011

MTAC Galleries are UP!

Another year, another set of galleries of photos.  With entertainment in the halls, 6 guests, the usual suspects and cosplayers; it was a fun time.  It was great to be in Toronto again.  I finally found Williams Fresh Cafe in Toronto and catched some free wifi before heading back. With the prospect of some more anime guests for next month’s Comic Con that will be free. Well almost free if it wasn’t for the bus fare costing just short of $75.

See you next event….

As always it’s not until the last minute that I finalize my plans to go to MTAC this year.  It’s a time to meeet new fans and old friends.  Unfortunely the plan to meetup with friends afterward is moot due circumstances.  Still the pages are prepped waiting for photos to be uploaded. I’ve got more than my quota of cards to hand out. Still charging batteries and making sure my SD cards are clear.

Hope to see you there.

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan

As there is much coverage and out pouring of help and the need of help.  Our hearts and minds go out to those in Japan and those family and friends abroad worrying about their fate.  We hope for miracles and pray for the lost and I pray that those reading this blog post find good news in midst of this chaos.

It is the final meeting for the year so we will be playing random stuff and not our regular fair. We’ll be starting 12:30 to 3:30pm at Worlds Away, 666 Dundas street, London. We’ll have one or two game consoles since we have more than one TV. If you can bring some goodies that be fine.

There is also The East Village Arts Crawl happing so there is plenty to do after the meeting.

Full of WIN and a FAIL

Well DIGLondon is over and it was awesome. Volunteers including myself were served first rate food. Most of the controllers we supplied worked fine with the exception of one failed gamecube controller I bought for second day which lasted less than an hour before the the B button broke. In spite of this Super Smash Bros. Brawl played non-stop for two days after the gamecube controllers were there.

Still it was awesome conference thought it was mostly related to the business side of gaming. We’ll definitely be helping out next year.

DIGing DIGlondon 2010

We came to Digital Interactive Gaming London with a suitcase full of game controllers and the gamers were happy. Even more when I ran home and brought back 3 Gamecube controllers. Why?  Because you can’t play Smash Bros Brawl right without the right controller. Players fought over and over but more so for the only original Gamecube controller that I had available. Once they had the controllers, that Wii and Smash Bros was brawling all day. I ended up buying another for tomorrow. Sadly the 4th controller is not an original controller either.

We also had 2 Xbox360 and 2 PS3 dualshock3 controllers as well. Some of the other controllers did not work well. Like the 3rd party PS3 controllers and the only Wii controller I had. Still I had a good time along with the rest of the people in the game room.

London Zombie Walk 2010

I must admit this year’s turnout for London Zombie Walk was huge.  Even Elvis showed up … undead but still playing.  Be sure to check out their website and plan for next year.