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After over a week after Fan Expo, I finish putting up 205 cards, postcards and such from the artists and other from Fan Expo. I had to rewrite how the Artist page handles it’s slide show. In the future, instead of adding 5 line of code per card, it will take just one.

I still have con report and video to look at. I have a lot of  other things were on the back burner that needs to be looked at before that. One of them is processing some new reviews by our new YAOI reviewer, DarkAvenger686 in the review wiki.

With a few hours work and a couple of cups of coffee, the rest of the photos from Fan Expo 2010 are up here and on Facebook. ENJOY!

Fan Expo is on and I managed to get all of Friday’s pictures processed in record time. Also at Fan Expo was a lovely tribute to Ashlynn Handy.

Fan Expo 2010

Heading off to Fan Expo

I will be at fan Expo this weekend. Hope to meet you all there. Stay tune for plenty of pictures.

Ashlynn Handy 1989-2010

Ashlynn at March Toronto Anime Con 2010

With great sorrow, a friend posted this on Facebook.

To all cosplayers in the Ontario/Alberta community, today (August 8 ) we have lost a wonderful friend and cosplayer. Ashlynn Handy passed away earlier today, but she lives on in all of us.

The loss of one affects us all. I wished I could have made the meet up in Ashlynn’s honor in Toronto but wasn’t able. To Ashlynn’s family and friends, no sympathy can truly be deep enough to express our sorrow. I hope that each of you will work out the loss of Ashlyn in your own time and own way.

From all of us in London, our thoughts go out to you.

UPDATE: Since this post, Ashlynn’s friends are organizing to wear black armbands at upcoming Fan Expo as well as other meetups. Since SO many are looking for answers or simply trying to find out what is being done, Please go to the Facebook event page in her honor.

In Memory of Ashlynn Handy – Facebook

My card … yours?

I’ve started collecting biz cards from artists within artists alley since a friend from Japan sent me an example of the program book for a dojin con.  The interesting thing, that was most different from any convention booklet here in North America, was that each artist had a business size ad in the booklet.

So to this end, I’m slowly scanning over 200 business cards, postcards and stickers collected during Fan Expo 2009. Slowly because I have to add url to picture descriptions to gallery posting then edit the XML for the slideshow on artists page.

You can select different galleries (Cards, Postcards or Stickers) in the top left corner of the slideshow window. Or you can go through the tumbnails of current gallery by clicking the tab along the top right. Clicking on the image will lead you to each artist’s website.

Keep checking back as I will be adding more artists cards daily. So check out Fan Expo 2009 Artists Alley page right now!

With the more automated way I’ve been using to process pictures. I can get through convention photos easier. Now if only getting through, video and all the artists alley biz cards were just as easy.

Without further ado, here is Fan Expo 2009.

Once again I made a journey… a 24 hour journey. Leaving 3 am and returning…. 3 am from a con. It did give an unique view of a day of Fan Expo from the view of MTCC, Metro Toronto Convention Center. From 6 am, where the staff were finishing cleaning the halls to once agian the halls being empty late at night after the masquerade … and a WHOLE lot of people in between.

I wish to thank Andrew and Rosanna for their kindness of making their booth, Akui: Ill-intent the check point for Anime London members during the con. I have tons of photos and artist alley biz cards to go through. (The pile of biz cards is over 2 inches tall.)

I also manage to help promote Digital Interactive Gaming London or digLondon. It’s an gaming development convention coming up this November 3rd and 4th 2009.  Last year had UBIsoft as the main speaker and presented a unique view of gaming from the other side of the console.
The masquerade had problems with their video feed to the green room so the pressure is on to edit this years masquerade. I will do my best.

So it’s time for the caffeine and getting down to backing up the photos taken before anything else.

Sadly again this year, I’ll be there for Saturday only. I’ve got my camera and camcorder charged and ready. Cards are cut and packed. … Negi Springfield glasses … check.  Get up at 2am to catch the bus to T.O.  er… we’ll see.  Hopefully you there.

Fan Expo 2009 soon

It’s coming … Fan Expo this weekend. As last year, I will be there Saturday. It is debatable if I will be able to cover the masquerade. Being one day, I will be taking as many photos as humanly possible. I will also be setting up a flickr page.

Hope to see you there.