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Fan Expo 2008 picture galleries are UP!

It’s hard to believe but the picture galleries from Fan Expo are up!

Fan Expo 2008 galleries

Fan Expo 2008 galleries

Don’t keep spidey waiting…. 🙂

My ride to Fan Expo ran late and I spent long time in lineup for a pass. (Though the 4 dollar off coupon from Fan Expo helped alot.) I managed to connect with alot of people I missed at Anime North and folks at Akui: Ill-Intent booth kept me in choclates.

I managed to get a good spot for the masquerade but I’ve yet to go through the video.

This year, I was also promoting Kung Fu Action Theatre which was part of over 270 cards I handed out during the day. I was also plugging the new page, MIMI which will eventually replace out current front page.  I didn’t get to mention alot of other projects currently on the go like Shout!TV but you can catch details of it along with other projects in our forums.

Also a tip to the hat to dotCON folks I met at the defunked video room location.

Heading to Fan Expo

I quick post before heading out the door. Looking forward to seeig everybody and will be taking tons of pictures. Hopefully my camcorder holds out for the day.

See ya there. 🙂

Fan Expo bound

I’ll have a ride Saturday for Fan Ex this year. Kind of sucks missing Friday but I’m hoping to stay through to Sunday.  Also this year, I’ll be promoting a friend’s website, Kung Fu Action Theatre, along with my own new projects. You’ll have to catch me at Fan Ex to find out what they are.
After missing Anime North, I hope to get back into the swing of things. See you there.