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MTAC by the numbers

Sigh. The show is over. Here is some numbers..

    416 photos and videos
    185 photos actually ended up on the site and facebook
    54 photos tagged so far
    75 what it cost me to take Greyhound to the con and return
    408 AnimeLondon cards handed out. (good thing I made more)
    944 megs of photos and videos

… and many other numbers I may never know.

March Toronto Anime Con 2011

MTAC Galleries are UP!

Another year, another set of galleries of photos.  With entertainment in the halls, 6 guests, the usual suspects and cosplayers; it was a fun time.  It was great to be in Toronto again.  I finally found Williams Fresh Cafe in Toronto and catched some free wifi before heading back. With the prospect of some more anime guests for next month’s Comic Con that will be free. Well almost free if it wasn’t for the bus fare costing just short of $75.

See you next event….

As always it’s not until the last minute that I finalize my plans to go to MTAC this year.  It’s a time to meeet new fans and old friends.  Unfortunely the plan to meetup with friends afterward is moot due circumstances.  Still the pages are prepped waiting for photos to be uploaded. I’ve got more than my quota of cards to hand out. Still charging batteries and making sure my SD cards are clear.

Hope to see you there.

We’ve added the cards from artists that were included in the dealer’s room at March Toronto Anime Con. What is left is con report and remake of the web pages to the new design as well as going through 2 hours of video of sessions with the voice actors. So keep an eye out more more content being available in the weeks ahead.

MTAC 2010 gallery is up

The picture gallery is up. Had a good time and friends treated me to Kitsune Udon at Manpuku. 🙂

I managed to get a ride at the last minute. I was disappointed in the fact there is no Cosplay Idol this year. However the Jpop Dance was well attended.

I took far more video of voice actors part of the con and should have taken more pictures. I hope to get these pictures up this afternoon. I am working on a new segment for YouTube which will cover footage from several cons. More word on that later.

I spent a wonderful evening at what may be the closest you will get to a ramen stand in North America on Dundas Street before catching my ride back. Thanks to Rosanne and Andrew for the wonderful meal. I also got some heads up that anime section of Fan Expo will be beefed up with talk of some Japanese guests already signed but nothing official.