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First View – Dragon Crisis!

Dragon Crisis! reviewed

We tried out some new hardware to watch shows which glitch a bit. In spite of this, we had a good time with a member’s Atari 2600 console and crowd favorite game, Medival Mayhem. We watched Dragon Crisis. While it’s a good show, most thought you have to watch more to get an idea of what’s going on.

We ran a little too late to play Phantasy Star on the Gamecube but maybe next time.

Next meeting – Feb 27th 2011

We’ll be meeting at Worlds Away this Sunday, February, 2011 starting 12:30pm. I’ll be trying out some new hardware as well having the old as backup JUST in case things don’t go as smoothly.

We’ll be having the Gamecube with games like Super Smash Bros. Melee along with a console from days past from a friend’s Retro collection. Hope to see you there.

Full of WIN and a FAIL

Well DIGLondon is over and it was awesome. Volunteers including myself were served first rate food. Most of the controllers we supplied worked fine with the exception of one failed gamecube controller I bought for second day which lasted less than an hour before the the B button broke. In spite of this Super Smash Bros. Brawl played non-stop for two days after the gamecube controllers were there.

Still it was awesome conference thought it was mostly related to the business side of gaming. We’ll definitely be helping out next year.

DIGing DIGlondon 2010

We came to Digital Interactive Gaming London with a suitcase full of game controllers and the gamers were happy. Even more when I ran home and brought back 3 Gamecube controllers. Why?  Because you can’t play Smash Bros Brawl right without the right controller. Players fought over and over but more so for the only original Gamecube controller that I had available. Once they had the controllers, that Wii and Smash Bros was brawling all day. I ended up buying another for tomorrow. Sadly the 4th controller is not an original controller either.

We also had 2 Xbox360 and 2 PS3 dualshock3 controllers as well. Some of the other controllers did not work well. Like the 3rd party PS3 controllers and the only Wii controller I had. Still I had a good time along with the rest of the people in the game room.

Next meeting … Gamecube

I’ve gone out and bought a Nintendo Gamecube along with 3 controllers and several games to add to the systems we can call upon for gaming part of our meeting. This should nicely augment the Atari 2600 and Sega Saturn we also have at our meetings from time to time. Some of the games acquired already are, GALDIUS, Sonic Heroes, One Piece Grand Battles, Metriod Prime 2 Echos and above pictured, Naruto Clash of the Ninja 2. I also found memory card for $5.

While I’m looking at getting a fourth controller and some more multiplayer games, I’ll see how the group likes these first. Also we’ll have our usual set of shows and one NEW show to review. So come and join us, October 24th starting 12:30pm at Worlds Away, 666 Dundas street.

Everything Old is Cool Again

For the past two meetings one of our members has been bringing in his vintage game consoles. Retro gaming as it’s called. Amoung them, a functional Atari 2600 with many homebrew games and Sega Dreamcast.

I went to flea market to see what a used controller for Dreamcast would cost. I was surprised. When did this get popular …. again.

I dug through my closet of forgotten childhood and found a Sega Genesis I had rescued when another tenant tossed it. Plenty of old Atari controllers from my 8-bit computer days. Even an Atari trackball.

It seems as we move forward, we look back on what made our lives happy and want to re-live it. Maybe why retro gaming is back but then it was the cutting edge.

We’re still continuing with retro gaming during break time and after our shows for our Sunday meetings. It’s a question of what we can resurrect to have available.

Back to the 'BASIC'

“Everything old is new again”

So what does this have to do with a pile of dusty old computer magazines or anime for that matter?

Some anime shows are based on Visual Novels.
Visual Novels were based on Graphic Adventures.
Graphic Adventures were based on Text Adventures.
… and early Text Adventures were written in BASIC.

So I’m digging through some ‘really’ old magazines on how best to come up with a way of creating our own Visual Novel online. It will be an interesting exercise. Even if it doesn’t see the light of day, I’ll gain some experience in better coding the website.

Wish me luck…