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The Demise of Manga

It’s come to my attention that there has been several deaths in the manga community…

.. not people. Companies.

ADV manga is long since gone. Recently CMX and GoComi have closed doors and even websites. With that, the blame game has emerged. Scanlations are to blame they say.

F.. blame the economy. With so little jobs and jobs that anime fans use to take being taken by other people. There is simply no money for manga. Still the industry is in denial.

The can’t or won’t accept their dip in sales is anything that is out of their control or ‘in their control’ and their fault. We were buying like crazy but now we’re all thieves. CLUE IN … we’re broke.

To this end, OneManga has shut it’s doors. Being the gentlemen they are and not the scapegoats, they decided to give in the the blame game. It’s a shame that the industry couldn’t afford a vowel.

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Will the Apple iPad change the world? Will it change how we see and read anime and manga? For me, yes and no. Yes, tablets will finally come to age but not Apple’s. All that iPhone changed was ‘gestered’ navigation. Meanwhile … OLPC or One Laptop Per Child changed the industry by single handedly creating and defining  ‘Netbooks’, small and affordable. Now they’re going to be coming out with a tablet, I can expect it will define the tablet computers with LCD that can be read in sunlight as well as indoors.

How the Apple iPad and tablets will change manga is 90 degrees. We’re so use to landscape computer screens that turning things 90 degrees can make a world of difference. I tried out viewing a scanlation (fansubbed manga) by turning the image and held a netbook  90 degrees and was able to read each page without scrolling. The only real problem is manga (the paper version) doesn’t have the 2 hour battery limit and can be read any where. Still the experiment proved that tablets will change print.

The advantage of electronic press of manga is sound, video. Where the two can meet is Augmented Reality where Virtual Reality meets print. Something we’re interested in developing here on Anime London. But Augmented Reality requires two things that the Apple iPad doesn’t have … a camera/webcam and ability to use Flash.

Will the manga publishers imbrace the Apple iPad? Only time will tell.

The Dragon - Guleph ON

Dragon – Guelph, ON

We’ve added a new store to the Manga List Project, Dragon Comics Games Anime.  The Dragon sponsored Con-G this past February. You can now check what manga titles and read the details on each one.  Since what each store stocks is different, we’ll be adding new pages in the coming days.  If you’re in the Guelph area, stop by and say hello for us.  Buy local … that is the reasoning for the Manga List Project.
So check out The Dragon Manga List as well as their list of Yaoi titles.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Looking back, 2008 was a disasterous year, a fortunate year … depending how you want to look at it.

For me, it started off on wrong foot or both feet slipping on ice and cracking 4 ribs. With other issues, I missed Anime North completely. I managed to only get to March Anime Con and one day at Fan Expo.

On the other hand, London finally got not one but three anime movies that were in theatre which brought the anime groups together.

The website went though some sorry needed updates. The review wiki is getting hits from searches which make all the work put into it worth it. Some things didn’t pan out but there is still more projects that are worth it. Time will tell.

Looking ahead, one of the projects. we’re working with local store, Neo Tokyo, to bring our manga section up to snuff by listing of some of the manga titles on our site. In no way is this an inventory of manga but it will allow people a chance to write reviews based on what’s available for sale locally. The listing maybe complete but researching and filling the pages for each title will take months. Still only spending an hour here and there, I got 35 manga titles pages already. Only 651 left to go.

You can check the progress at Neo Tokyo Manga List page.

First View – Kurozuka

Kurozuka anme

Kurozuka (Anime)

Kurozuka has it all. Samurai, vampires, lots of blood with plotline that travels time itself. No wonder that people have been coming to our review wiki to find out more about the anime as well as the manga, Kurozuka, which the show is based on but manages to clean up the story as well as the nudity … at least from the first episode.

Read about the show and manga that people came to our site just before we reviewed both.

First View – Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki or Future Diary is a well written manga where Amano Yukiteru imaginary friend is real.  Deus ex Machina, is a godlike being who commands time.  He gives Amano cell phone diary to be able to see the future. Not only that, but  11 other contestants are locked into a game of life and death.  If their cell phones which forecast the future stops, so do they … fatally.

This is a suspense story which is artistically drawn.  The catch is the game master Deus is not as all uncaring as other attempts at this stroyplot.  However his preference of Amano puts him in danger as other ‘Future Diary’ players see his as obsticle that should be removed first.

Read more about Marai Nikki in our review section.

Are you seeing double? Well, yes and no.

In this case, we reviewed the anime, Rosario to Vampire this Sunday but we’re also inviting people to review to manga by Ikeda Akihisa.

Rosario to Vampire anime

Rosario to Vampire manga
Anime Manga

Either way, this supernatural romance comedy is sure to please. 😉

Review – Wolf and Spice

I must admit I’m a sucker for a girl in wolf ears and tail. Or in this case, a demi-werewolf-goddess who convinces a travelling merchant to take her back to her birthplace. Set in the period of middle ages Europe, Horo becomes a troublesome thing for Lawrence the merchant, that is if the Church catches wind of her.

Based on a series of light novels and soon to be anime, I can hardly wait for the series to air. Until then only a few scraps of manga (only a couple of chapters available so far) will do.

I checked out a couple of scandalations while doing laundry last night.

One is Pani Poni which is the manga by which Pani Poni Dash! was created from. The other is the manga translation of a true story which losers online help a loser not be a loser and get his girl. The story has been retold as a movie so check out this manga adaptation of Densha Otoko: Gambare Doku Otoko.


We got around to watching Baccano!, a series set in the Dirty Thirties as opposing families battle it out for surpremancy. What the mob hasn’t count on that some of those targeted are in fact, immortal. Baccano! means racket or noise so come and see what all the noise is all about.

Hakobune Hakusho

Next is a manga called Hakobune Hakusho. Neko Futuka finds herself answering three questions to her entrance exam ….

“Can you keep your cool if you know the truth?”

“Can you get along with others?”

“Can you conceal that you are a human?”

She answers Yes to all three not knowing that the High School teaches animals to be human. With no where else to go, she enroles into this school of hard knocks for the animal kingdom.