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What couldn’t be cooler than these two anime fans? How about tattoos… anime related tattoos.

Tip of the hat to anyone who can read the inscription. This Dragon Ball Z couple certainly took the show even though they weren’t in the masquerade. I enjoyed Anime Shogatsu at the old Michener Institute of Education.  The very place where Anime North first started but it felt crowded by midday.  Not exactly setup for conventions, it is an ideal starting point for a small con. Happy Japanese New Years folks.

Guerilla blogfare

Decided to promote this blog with some stickers around town with QRcodes.  Looks like this spot is popular. =)

Cool set of 14 photos of a Japanese girl, Natsumi Hayashi as she levitates all over Tokyo. Please visit blog post,  The Girl Who Loves to Levitate.  More can be found at the artist’s website

Since Photoday falls on the same Sunday (July 8th) we have our meetings, I’m holding an all new show festival at Stan C. Reade Photoday. Though there is no TV, I’ll be using my laptop for showing shows.

I hope alot of London cosplayers show for this event since then we will be able to take center stage… literally.

Photoday is 10am to 4 pm so it’s not really imperitive to show for the entire day but hotdogs and hamburgers are at noon and tend to run out later. Not to mention prizes and giveaways.

Check out my galleries of past years.

Sunday July 8th – Stan C. Reade invites cosplayers to their Photo Day. I’ve been going to this for years and bragging about cosplay and showing off my picture galleries.

Now the staff of Stan C. Reade are inviting cosplayers to show up. The difference from regular cosplay photoshoots is the fact this is already an extablished event in it’s 17th year.

The Elsie Perrin Williams is also a cool photo location with Spanish deco home and plenty of greenry and locations through out the estate. Too add to the decor, model cars and bikes are on display.

There is also booths with representives from the major camera manufacturers, Fuji, Canon, Pentax, Lexar, Sandisk, just to name a few. You also try out equipment or ask questions.

Plenty of prizes like camera bags and cool swag. Bring your camera gear as they play ‘the first person to show me a particular camera or camera accessory…’ gets a prize. The location is ideal for photoshoot and they already bring in models from the local modelling school.

Check for map and details. As for the past 16 years, this event is FREE admission.

There is also a photo contest so dust off those old convention pics. You might win something.

Anime Video Zine group

I’ve started a group on Youtube to cover the production of our anime video zine. It also covers some of the extra stuff we’ll be covering this year at cons if time allows. Also it allows for other to contribute to this and other people’s works.

Feel free to join the discussion on Youtube groups.

Just Passing By

Not all my photographs and video are of conventions and cosplayers. I take time to go out and shoot whatever as a means of practice with my equipment. One site I’ve found while diving into the deeper side of Youtube and other uses of online video is Passing By[dot]net.

Lessgrey Production has created an interesting application of programming custom player with colaborative work of video. By simply inserting the right tag, your video becomes part of a collective project.

For my part I have gone out (in the cold) and shot footage for Passing By.

For the shoot I picked too locations close together. Since it was subzero weather and slight breeze, being out in the cold was an issue. Not only for my own bodily health but also for the equipment’s health as well. Cold shortens the time a battery is good to run. Not to mention also what effect the cold would have on the electronics and the LCD which could freeze and crack under the cold. To this actual record times outside was to be kept to a minimal time. Keeping the camera inside my coat when not recording.Also I used Memory Stick Pro with my Samsung SC-D353 as oppose to higher quality miniDV tape. The reasoning was the Memory Stick Pro would not be as affected by the cold as would be the tape. The added bonus was that the files could easily be transfered by copying over the files to hardrive via USB for edit as oppose to going through the whole capture process of firewire.The downside was some features like wind cut and DIS, image stabilization isn’t available for memory recording. I had 2 512 meg MSpro cards which gave me 12 minutes of recording each.I also used a hemispheric wide angle lens I got for my camcorder. It would allow for more view of the scenes but it also was a liability because you have to zoom out enough so part of the lens is not in the shot. It was also at risk with the cold.

My locations were Blackfriars Bridge, London Ontario and a park walkway going over a stream. I choosed Blackfriars due to it’s location, lack of traffic, and it’s importance of the bridge of being a rare bowstring iron truss bridge which still has a wooden deck which vechiles pass over every day since 1875.

I made the trip across the bridge 8 times. I took footage looking foreward, right, left and backwards each way to save time since I had to walk back. I ended up walking backwards across the bridge rather than trying to hold it behind me. I used my free hand to try to stablize the camcorder. It wasn’t as bad since it was a narrow walkway with no traffic.

As for the park location, I choosed a stretch of park walkway, I was familar with. With the cold there was very little traffic of pedestrians. I ended choosed two points to start and end my walk. One was a fixed park bench while the end point was a tree that over shadowed the pathway. I thought of marking the snow or using a tree limb on the side but that was no guarantee this bearing would be there later if I choosed to redo the video in the spring or summer.

Walking backwards in this location proved dangerous. Of course, I didn’t have to put up with pedistrians but the path curved in zigzag fasg\hion before and after the bridge. Not a pleasant idea of backing into the creek which as still running.

I ended using up the first memory stick pro and switched to the second one. Seeing the LCD was a challenge in bright light reflected off the snow. In the end, I gave up and hoped for good luck and good footage.

I will post the links to the videos later.

Number crunching time

Well with Anime London being too close to half gig mark, I started crunching numbers. Not that you out there will notice. I recompressed some of the jpegs in the review section which which took some 600K off the space. I was hoping that PNG would drop some bytes but 15K jpeg became a 146K PNG. No thanks.

While I look at other byte-saving means of keeping cosplay galleries online I put up two no anime or cosplay related videos. Have to keep in practice and winter has it’s own challenges. Usually I keep my other video private but here is two which I uploaded recently.

Obviously Christmas is a time of giving but also lights. Some people have little while some people go through more and more each year. I makes me wonder where they put their stuff when the season is over. There are several places that people just drive by then there is Victoria Park display which I went back to record close up.

Christmas lights in London, Ontario

For those in London, Ontario, this month’s only snowfall was dramatic. Around 2 feet of snow fell overnight here, leaving everything shutdown. I ended helping a friend dig out their cars and I took a video of their backyard.

Backyard somewhere under 2 feet of snow

I used Memory Stick Pro with my Samsung camcorder which allows better quality video over just plain Memory Stick though no where near that of miniDV tape. 512M MSpro equates into 12 mintues of video. The only real problem is SC-D353 sticks into autofocus using stick which means it is constantly refocusing. I can manually focus with tape. Still it’s a quick a cheap way of taking practice shots. This is good considering a friend who bought a more expensive camcorder that only saves pictures to SD memory card.

London Ontario Cosplay Photo Shoot 2007

Yes it’s nearly a year away but people are hunger for an event in London.

I’ve been in talks with Stan C. Reade to hold a photo shoot during their annual Photoday at the Windermere Estate. Every year, they invite companies like Leika, Fuji, Pentax, Canon, Lexmar and others to show their wares at local estate for the day. There is a stage, live music, face painting, free draws and free giveaways a free photo seminars. Also there is models from the local modeling school. Hotdogs and hamburgers (food not free). Annual photo contest. On and off site photoprints.

I’ve also trying to get them warm to the idea to open their event to cosplayers. Not only will this mean you have alot of people taking your picture but I’m trying to see IF there is a demand to have a segement for cosplayers to take over the stage.

The only down side is it’s the first Sunday in July, July 8th 2007 to be exact. The same weekend as Toronto Trek.

Last year’s music was Jazz and Latino music. Past years, They had Taiko Drum group from Toronto. Not actaully JPop but definitely Japanese. Past years, everyone who attends an fills out a ballad got a coupon for processing and free CDR to store their pictures.

You can check out Stan C. Reade website and check out this years event. Maybe even ask if they will allow cosplayers to perform. In past, they had the model students dress up.

I’ll keep people posted as details come available.

Practice makes…

Practice should make perfect. In this case, it might make alot more.

Every year, you can find myself along with thousands of others at the Home County Folk Festival. What is aa guy who goes to anime conventions doing at a folk festival? One for food. Some of the best food around.

Two is the craftwork. Sadly over the years, alot of those who I use to know no longer are at Home County. But this year, Muma Harps has been a main stay for years and they have an artist, Jennifer White, who performs at their booth. While videotaping her performance, we talked about YouTube and my adventures of videotaping and photograhy at cons. I was able to download my footage and put to DVD for them as well as leave them a copy of my raw AVIs.

During the weekend, I found a strap for my tripod making it easier to carry all day. I took over 3 tapes full of footage, lots of concert and workshop performances. I manage not only to get permission to post on YouTube but also I got the performers websites so those viewing them would be able to find their sites.

I even made a DVD for one artist, Chris Whiteley. Along with his brother Ken Whiteley, I taped other artists like, The Rizdales, Swamperella, Great Uncles of the Revolution, and what has to be the wildest performance of Spiderman theme song, the PolyJesters.

Since not all my videoworks are cosplay or even remotely related to anime, I have a seperate account on YouTube. Check out MichaelEh on YouTube and see what I do when there isn’t cosplayers around.

If that wasn’t enough, there might be a chance to help out in regular vblog about folk musicians. For me, Practice doesn’t just make perfect. It makes opportunities.

So get out there and practice.