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Guerilla blogfare

Decided to promote this blog with some stickers around town with QRcodes.  Looks like this spot is popular. =)

Twitter Tuesdays @ Williams Cafe on Wonderland

Along with Facebook I’ve been getting into social media including twitter with a group showing off the latest tricks, tweets and plugins.  We’ve been meeting at Williams Cafe on Wonderland Road in London Ontario.  You can check out their Events at their site.

With the help from Byran from to monitor things, the review wiki, Mediawiki is now the latest version and running fine.  Along with upgrading WordPress, we’ll start merging social media through out the website.

Not only have I’ve upgraded to WordPress 3.0 but also for the twitter crowd out there.  I’m currently testing WP to Twitter plugin by Joseph Dolson which also includes support for link shorting.

I’ll be playing with several new plugins over the coming days. Finally with the NEW revision of 3.0, I’ll be getting to a definative stype for Anime London blog.

Upgrade young man

Looking at upgrading wiki software. Given that, the wiki might become unavailable for a period of time until the upgrade is done.

Anime London card 2010

Every year, I find some reason to tweak the card we hand out at conventions and this year is no exception.  Or should I say, tweet out. This year’s card not just promotes our twitter feed but also our fan page on Facebook.  We will be encouraging people to become fans or followers or even better both. Our goal is 1000 fans and 1000 followers so come join the social  revolution.I know you’ll LIKE it.

It’s hard to believe it’s less than a week away to Anime North 2010 and I haven’t got anything done. Web pages need to be prepped. Equipment made ready. Batteries charged.

Place to stay? Well we’re working on that.

You can check out the funky CG background planned for AN on our front page. Also I’m hoping to make things easier by able to have photos up in record time … if not same day.

Plus the tradition of having a new card to hand out every year. While the front may not have changed the back will have some useful links to new things.

See you in 6 days.

March club meetings

We had an old member, Glen, show up for our meeting today.  It was good to have Glen once again,  He was the voice way back when all we had nothing more but raw tapes and the scripts.  We’ll be also at Central Library Monday night.  Until then, we’ll not be posting our review.

I didn’t get a chance to go through the video from Toronto Anime Con.  I did work on some graphics for the new design for cosplay section.

I did manage to get done the pages for upcoming Spring season of new shows as well as the related manga.  I will be posting links to both on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

So I plan to keep blog fresh with a new look …. more in keeping with the rest of the website. Stay tuned for more changes.

PHP outage

An unexpected outage of PHP set back parts of the website including this blog for part of today. Thankfully, it is restored. I did manage to bring front page back online by reverting to straight html. I will be looking at ways to work around for further outages.

Still we’re back.

We invited several cons to advertise freely on our front page with a background image and link and countdown timer.  Otakuthon has taken us up on the offer and supplied a wallpaper and we added the countdown to the event. We also will be creating a flickr page for Otauthon after the event in our cosplay area.

If you’re in the area or able to travel to Montreal for Otakuthon, tell the folks there we said hello.