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Sunday’s picture gallery is up in spite of QDig not generating thumbnails as it should. I had to manually recrete the files.

Now all I need is to generate a con report and process some 28 gigs of video. Coming right up … some day. 😉

Two thumbs up

Well actually two thumbnail galleries are up. I manage to manually fix the problems with Qdig at this moment but notice another problem….

Editing pictures at 2am in the morning after 2 and half hour bus ride wasn’t a good idea. 😛

Fix, fix, fix….

At least, the thumbnails are there so you don’t need to page through every picture to find one you like. Now to work on day 2 pictures with a little more care.

Just back … 'just' that is.

I must admit this has been one of best cons I’ve been indirectly involved. There was alot of people taking video which sort of unsettled the voice guests. especially with me and my tripod and camcorder. Still when the guy who is producing the con, stands up and vouches for your validness with those guests as being a person who is okay to record an event honestly and fairly is something else.

I try to present an event without bias even if it’s an event that competes with another events. I try to put the best picture foreward of cosplayers with rating their costumes or performance.

Of course with Youtube, anyone can upload anything but it takes a few who can try to make a story out of a clip. It’s exhausting and sometimes even though you have hours of video It still may not add up to something worth posting.

Last year, since I only had one battery I tried to grab clips and ended with nothing. This year, I had 3 batteries and hours of videos and might have just as much video as last year. It’s not like a masquerade where you can just cut between skits and post. It might take months to find something in all the dialogue that is news worthy. Some things might be hilarious at the time but later on, ‘I said that?!‘ sinks in.

I might just make one posting on all the times that the guests mentioned ‘Youtube’ alone.

Alot of TV producers have to make the call everyday on what’s worth airing. When I was a volunteer for Cablecast, I tried to do a ‘story’ in spite of my best efforts, there just wasn’t one there. I was surprise to hear from the producer that this happens alot even with the professionals and not to give up.

This year, I will try again to make something out of the stuff I record other than just recording masquerades. It may not be easy but it still will be worth it. Hopefully others will join in this persuit of not just putting another stupid clip on Youtube.

As it is, I wiped. I spent a late night until nearly 3am to get stuff up only to spend another day and 5 hours on bus to get there and back. Sorry for those waiting for today’s pictures but I’m going to crash now then go at processing today’s pictures then try to go back and sort though those which will make up a con report.

As for video, I start unloading the Cosplay Idol footage to get people’s performances up. Sorting through another 2 hours of con panel dialogue will take time and may be used in future Anime Video Zines on Youtube.

I do encourage those looking into voice acting to check the forums of Voice Acting Alliance and two worthy audio podcasts drama sites, Kung Fu Action Theatre (produced by the former president of Anime London) and Decoder Ring Theatre (based out of Toronto) to hear what can be done with microphone some software and decent script.

For those who are looking to be a video reporter at cons and wanting to do interviews and reports, I can’t recommend enough community television whither it be through Rogers or some other cable outlet in your area.

It was such an outlet that started an career of a somewhat noteable 17 year old witha puppet. No not Ed the Sock but another sock puppet called kermit and teenager whose name was Jim Henson.

Enough of this … I’m tired. I try to get to the last of the pictures … when I wake up. 🙂

One of the things I missed last night at Spring Toronto Anime Con was my scraf. Black microfibre. I realized I misplaced it after I left the hall … too late.

As for the day one and Cosplay Idol picture galleries, they’re up

Mind you I finially hit the sack about 2:43 in the morning and I’m back up AGAIN to take a over 2 hour bus ride to Toronto for day 2.

Hope to see you there… give me a nudge (or GLOMP) to keep me awake.

Just in…

I just got back in in spite of the drunks downtown… downtown London that is. I’m racing to unload the videos and pictures before heading to bed.

I manage to score some point for Ultra Rob’s Kungfu Action Theatre by mentioning during the voice acting panel with Chris Sabat.

I’m trying to quickly edit the pictures and hope for upload quickly using the new gallery program. You can check if the pictures are up here.

Hopefully I can get the impossible done and get some sleep to be on the bus for another 2 and half hours to do it all over again.

The last minute

If it wasn’t for that… nothing would get done.

In this case, setting up the pages for Spring (March) Toronto Anime Con. Some tweaking to the new gallery system and honestly, I still don’t know if it will work.

I have the links a prepared then noticed one thing or another that simply was wrong. Hopefully I cleared up the bugs.

The directory for this con can be found Here.

Reading, Writing and PHP

Well I’ve taken the leap into converting over to PHP. With the blog and forum as well as gallery script I’m going to be using written in PHP, it made sense to use this new language.

Not without some pain….

I manage to get the basic page navigation for convention event uploaded and debugged. Not bad for haven’t programmed for a decade or more. Mind you it took most of the evening to workout greying out the buttons when switching pages. Damn syntax. Not to mention learning how to mix html coding with PHP.

I was surprised on how smooth the internal page navigation works now though most of the pages have nothing on them yet. Well that is until I hit the contact button on the bottom. Shocked

Okay, I need to code some more. Wink

Until then, you can check out what will be this year’s Spring TAC pages …

Spring TAC 2007

No doubt as I add the gallery script there will be even MORE errors.

Change is in the Air

… or is it ‘up in the air’.

It seems every year that I start preparing how the coming year’s convention pages will look. What it usually means for the most part is re-writing alot of webpages. This year, video put a dent into the website with Youtube and later Dailymotion. I started looking at making changes to way the whole process of posting convention reports, photos and videos.

One of the ways is Qdig or Quick Digital Image Gallery. It has been anything but quick in trying to get it work. We’re still running tests and along with it, I’ll be posting March or Spring Toronto Anime Con or at least, a mock up of the section leading up to March 17th.

Also we’ll be include intergrating blog along with PHP rather than the old hardcoded HTML pages. Also a friend is interested in helping making the change happen. I still have alot of coding to do before even uploading the test pages with last year’s pictures as a test bed.

We release the test directory name once we have it up and running.