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Figure I include the overhead map to give some scale to the project. The old style of space station is 100 blocks radius and sits at 5000,5000,5000. Each East Hall is 90×90 with Tower being 100×100.  Hardly finished by any means. The other half of East Hall still be uploaded to the VE-Creative.  West Hall which is actually south is merely an outline at this moment.

Lots of work ahead. The concourse and walkways connecting both halls not even started.

As much as we use wordpress already on our website,; I felt a need to have one here.

Cool set of 14 photos of a Japanese girl, Natsumi Hayashi as she levitates all over Tokyo. Please visit blog post,  The Girl Who Loves to Levitate.  More can be found at the artist’s website

Will the Apple iPad change the world? Will it change how we see and read anime and manga? For me, yes and no. Yes, tablets will finally come to age but not Apple’s. All that iPhone changed was ‘gestered’ navigation. Meanwhile … OLPC or One Laptop Per Child changed the industry by single handedly creating and defining  ‘Netbooks’, small and affordable. Now they’re going to be coming out with a tablet, I can expect it will define the tablet computers with LCD that can be read in sunlight as well as indoors.

How the Apple iPad and tablets will change manga is 90 degrees. We’re so use to landscape computer screens that turning things 90 degrees can make a world of difference. I tried out viewing a scanlation (fansubbed manga) by turning the image and held a netbook  90 degrees and was able to read each page without scrolling. The only real problem is manga (the paper version) doesn’t have the 2 hour battery limit and can be read any where. Still the experiment proved that tablets will change print.

The advantage of electronic press of manga is sound, video. Where the two can meet is Augmented Reality where Virtual Reality meets print. Something we’re interested in developing here on Anime London. But Augmented Reality requires two things that the Apple iPad doesn’t have … a camera/webcam and ability to use Flash.

Will the manga publishers imbrace the Apple iPad? Only time will tell.

Season Greetings

Only days before Christmas and more so to Boxing Day madness which makes searching for that final gift on the list look trivial. Best of the season to you all… and to all, Good night.

Scan me … and get my site

Quick Response Code for Anime London

QR Code for Anime London

I was at an Microsoft IT event for Windows 7 today. Even got a legit copy of Windows 7 Ultimate for free among other stuff.  While it is an IT (Information Technology) event, I not ashame of being also being webmaster of Anime London. I wore a badge with a QR code (Quick Response Code) explaining who I was and what the website was about.  The above scan code can be read by cellphones and webcams and direct people in this case, to the front page of the website. Japanese websites use this code. They also appear on posters for events, etc.  It’s an open format but not well known here in North America.  Still I’m willing to try new technologies.

One of presenters at the event were impressed by the scan code.  I’ve even stuck some of the QR codes to the back of my cards. I’m also planning to use them in next year’s cards that I always hand out.  These codes are also used in ARG, Augment Reality Games, and might consider running my own ARG next year.

If you want to find a QR code generator, you can find one at Kaywa site,

Once again I made a journey… a 24 hour journey. Leaving 3 am and returning…. 3 am from a con. It did give an unique view of a day of Fan Expo from the view of MTCC, Metro Toronto Convention Center. From 6 am, where the staff were finishing cleaning the halls to once agian the halls being empty late at night after the masquerade … and a WHOLE lot of people in between.

I wish to thank Andrew and Rosanna for their kindness of making their booth, Akui: Ill-intent the check point for Anime London members during the con. I have tons of photos and artist alley biz cards to go through. (The pile of biz cards is over 2 inches tall.)

I also manage to help promote Digital Interactive Gaming London or digLondon. It’s an gaming development convention coming up this November 3rd and 4th 2009.  Last year had UBIsoft as the main speaker and presented a unique view of gaming from the other side of the console.
The masquerade had problems with their video feed to the green room so the pressure is on to edit this years masquerade. I will do my best.

So it’s time for the caffeine and getting down to backing up the photos taken before anything else.

Cosplayers at Silver City


Once again DeathNote fans descended on Silver City at Masonville Mall to watch DeathNote 2 The Last Name.  Both the crowds and the managers were happy with the showing. DeathNote 2 brought out better crowds than the Bleach movie but not as good as the first DeathNote mov Here;s hoping to more anime and live action shows to be brought to our screens,

Bleach cosplayers standing in line.

I did not stay for the movie but I did stay to take pictures at the SilverCity London event. While it wasn’t as good turnout as DeathNote, the cosplayers were more pronounced. I managed to talk to several people explaining why everyone was dressed up.

Picture gallery – Bleach – Memories of Nobody – Silver City London

I did talk to the manager on duty and he did mention that Death Note 2 – The last Name is slated for late Novemeber though there was no set date at the time.

Looking back – Anime North 2002

Anime North 2002 program book and con badgeWhile sorting through my photos and other con memorible items, I came across some convention photos that predate this website. So I’ve decided to update the cosplay galleries by adding in these lost cons.

Amoung them, the earliest Anime North I’ve attended in 1998 as well as AnimeNorth 2002 & 2003, CN Anime 2001 & 2002, Toronto Trek 17 amoung other events, I’ve attended.

For now, we present you, Anime North 2002 whose photos are finally reunited with the first art challenge we ran, Skunk Girls.

Enjoy a taste of when Anime North was in a more simplier times.