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Next meeting – Feb 27th 2011

We’ll be meeting at Worlds Away this Sunday, February, 2011 starting 12:30pm. I’ll be trying out some new hardware as well having the old as backup JUST in case things don’t go as smoothly.

We’ll be having the Gamecube with games like Super Smash Bros. Melee along with a console from days past from a friend’s Retro collection. Hope to see you there.

DIGing DIGlondon 2010

We came to Digital Interactive Gaming London with a suitcase full of game controllers and the gamers were happy. Even more when I ran home and brought back 3 Gamecube controllers. Why?  Because you can’t play Smash Bros Brawl right without the right controller. Players fought over and over but more so for the only original Gamecube controller that I had available. Once they had the controllers, that Wii and Smash Bros was brawling all day. I ended up buying another for tomorrow. Sadly the 4th controller is not an original controller either.

We also had 2 Xbox360 and 2 PS3 dualshock3 controllers as well. Some of the other controllers did not work well. Like the 3rd party PS3 controllers and the only Wii controller I had. Still I had a good time along with the rest of the people in the game room.

Next meeting … Gamecube

I’ve gone out and bought a Nintendo Gamecube along with 3 controllers and several games to add to the systems we can call upon for gaming part of our meeting. This should nicely augment the Atari 2600 and Sega Saturn we also have at our meetings from time to time. Some of the games acquired already are, GALDIUS, Sonic Heroes, One Piece Grand Battles, Metriod Prime 2 Echos and above pictured, Naruto Clash of the Ninja 2. I also found memory card for $5.

While I’m looking at getting a fourth controller and some more multiplayer games, I’ll see how the group likes these first. Also we’ll have our usual set of shows and one NEW show to review. So come and join us, October 24th starting 12:30pm at Worlds Away, 666 Dundas street.